Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internet! Hurrah!

Internet is now established in my flat. A miracle! Done without the help of my illustrious and tech-savvy spouse!

I have duly checked all the most important of the non-necessary sites/blogs, and I am pleased to announce that "Horatio" is the name of the day at appellationmountain, that Marley has new brothers and sisters over at Kingstoncavaliers and, finally, that the Good Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago has a new book coming out (pre-order for a discount!!!).

Silly, really, these little internet ticks. But I have been unable to indulge in internet ticks, so I am luxuriating in my regained connectedness to silly bits of the world wide web, for which I have developed weird little affections. But now that I have indulged, and feel more comfortable, I can get on the important stuff. Like this blog (right?). Finally, after several weeks of fragmented existence, I have almost all the ingredients for a complete Human Being, i.e. the Really Important Stuff like a bank account, a telephone, a car, the web, a brand new stack of bills...and a blog.

You know, the important stuff.

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