Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Need Your Help! Saint...or Sinner???

This Sunday I will be attending the traditional All Saints Day party at the Catholic Society here in St Andrews. This *epic* event requires costumes...of course. One must arrived dressed as either a Saint (appropriately enough) or...a Sinner!!

I am at a loss. Who should I be? What should I wear?? Ideas would be much, much appreciated, O Fair Reader!!


  1. Happy All Saints Day, my dear! I've recently taken to re-read the Divine Comedy, and quite enjoy the imagery of the thieves, with various reptiles binding them. Not that you've taken part in such dastardly thievery (that I know of...), but if you wanted to go as a sinner, why not one slithery, serpentine, and Dantean??? As for Logan and I, we cannot hope to top our cardboard robot outfits from 2 years ago. Any ideas for us?

  2. I vote you split yourself down the middle, half sinner, half saint. Whatever you do, just make sure you go over the top. :) We miss you back here!

  3. Well, I suppose going as your own saintly namesake is out--at least if costume authenticity is a priority. A shame, too, since she was such a marvelous example of both saint AND sinner!

    St. Agatha (among many others in the Aldhelmian vein) could be good, gory fun . . .

  4. These are great suggestions. And yes, Viator, due to neckedness M of E is out. It's just too freakin cold for neckedness these days (whether it be saintly or sinnerly neckedness). As for gory saints...I have played around with different virgin-martyr ideas. Lucy would be good--I could get some of those glasses where the eyeballs fall out. St Agatha is a bit--uh--too much, don't you think??