Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making Midsummer

Summer has arrived. Many signs point to the fact. Even I have not been able to ignore the heat, the cicadas, the Black-eyed Susans. Or the pie.

In our house most of the cooking is done by Yours Truly. I enjoy the concrete creativity, patience, and ingenuity required to put a delicious, attractive, healthy meal on the table.

But in all the thousand and one days of cooking I have never made a pie. My husband makes pies. It is one of his Vocations: Master of Butter Crust. King of Sour Cherries Picked Fresh and Pitted by Hand. He inherited this talent from his most Honourable Mother, who is a pie-maker of great renown.

So for our house midsummer means making pies, and this year was no different. Except we have a new initiate into the Guild of Crust Rollers:

What did I expect? It's in the family.