Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let them Eat Cake

Girls, this is not the way to lose the “baby fat” after pregnancy. I recognize this fact. I understand the whole “calories in calories out” thing. I know that cake (with cream cheese frosting) does nothing to shrink one’s expanded midsection.

But really, how could I resist? …the cream cheese frosting…the lovely red color…

I stole this recipe for Red Velvet Cake from your friend and mine at The Smitten Kitchen. Like most recipes on this delightful blog, the cake was fab. (I would, however, recommend a double recipe of frosting in order to achieve that fluffy, slathered look. BUT TAKE NOTE! A double recipe of frosting means TWO sticks of butter and TWO packages of cream cheese. Devour if you dare!)

In my defense, I had a very good REASON to bake a triple layer cake (the birthday of *two* friends), and I didn’t consume said layer cake ALONE (thanks to said friends…plus another friend…plus Thomas More).

Also in my defense… I have finally reached the post-partum Plateau of Sanity (which comes after the Canyon of Craziness, the Slopes of Sleeplessness, and the Wilds of Overwhelmedness). This means that I am not only 1. Sleeping at night, 2. Keeping up with laundry, 3. Reading books, 4. Making the bed regularly, and 5. Applying makeup daily—I am also making food for myself and my whole family from my own kitchen. And more than this—I feel confident enough in my parenting and multitasking skills, that I feel ready to start experimenting in the kitchen once again. Hurrah!

So of course the first new thing I decided to try was a multi-layered red velvet cake. With cream cheese frosting. Of course.

But alas, my abs, my rear, my thighs, alas! After several weeks of consistent weight loss this week the scales refused to budge. Could this, I ask, have something to do with three layered red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting? Perhaps.

So now I will endeavor to move my culinary experiments into more healthful realms. Thankfully The Smitten Kitchen contains many wonderful alternatives to three layer cakes. Like last night’s Mexican adventure: Acorn Squash quesadillas with tomatillo salsa. Truly delicious. Next, continuing with winter squash, I am going to try warm butternut squash and chickpea salad…right after I deal with that last piece of cake!

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