Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hattie Shoot, 8 Weeks

So I admit I caved and bought a Sophie Giraffe (because all the cool kids have them). I also admit that I bought my baby daughter leg-warmers. But YOU gotta admit that she's rocking the leg-warmers. And Sophie doesn't look so bad herself.


  1. We have a Sophie that a friend in England sent us! Our Sophie only speaks French.
    I fully plan to put Pavo in legwarmers. Right now most of his/her wardrobe consists of onesies. Leg warmers just seem so much simpler than pants?
    Love Harriet!

  2. Legwarmers are definitely easier than pants...And who doesn't go nuts over baby thighs? Do note however: they require a certain amount of baby blubber development before they stay up. So feed that baby!

  3. Ahh!! I bought a little Sophie for Harriet but the giraffe had not made its way to the post office yet!! Sigh for procrastination. I guess I shall return to the baby store :)

  4. Lovely...Little H and her outfit just make me smile!!