Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What to Do on Your Due Date?

"When is your baby due?" asked the elderly, tweed-wearing cross-word worker at the coffee shop this morning. The answer: Today.

After we obtained our iced mochas, Thomas More drove my silent and thoughtful self home and left me to my own devices in a big empty house. How surreal. It is cloudy cool today and very still. After a huge wind storm last night almost nothing is moving outside. Inside, I stare at the glowing screen, sip my cold coffee and...what do I do now?

What DOES one do on one's Due Date?? Yesterday, in a fit of good intentions, I went with the husband to the workout room, thinking "who knows when I'll be able to go to the workout room again?" Bad move. I spent the rest of the day with muscle pain so intense I thought I might be in labor. Not labor. Just treadmill, which doesn't mix so well with 39.9 week pregnant body. So working out (walking at all) is not in my plans for the day. Other ideas include:

1. Wash the dog
2. Clean the bathroom (AFTER washing the dog)
3. Fill out the Birth Certificate (without name, just in case a.) child is male, b.) chosen name doesn't fit child, or c.) parents of child chicken out and decide not to use unusual chosen name)
4. Pack hospital bag (any tips?)

and last but not least

5. Pray

Any more suggestions? For those of you who have experienced a due date, what did YOU do??

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  1. Well I've never had a baby, but when the milk due date rolls around, I first freak out...then I proceed to make smoothies, cereal, milkshakes, etc. Perhaps you could try on every maternity outfit you own and relish the thought of never having to wear them again (until next year... ;) )!

    Good luck!

    Love, kara