Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend my grandmother came to meet Harriet--her great-grand daughter.

And suddenly, this weekend, it was fall. The temperature dropped. Today you can smell the dry leaves in the sunshine.

Thomas More and I took Hattie down to the West Bottoms, because it is just so bizarre down there.


  1. 1) I thought the first picture was from some fancy country club or adorable restaurant. Then I realized IT IS YOUR HOUSE. A-maz-ing.
    2) Bam! You are instantly tiny again. A-maz-ing. I hope to look so good in jeans some day.
    3) I love Hattie. And You.

  2. The picture was tiny, but it seems as though the first picture was four generations, all in a row. I almost couldn't see through the tears. Your grandfather would be so thrilled, all his beautiful girls.
    I'm so happy K came. I imagine she is over the moon.
    Love you all.