Friday, August 20, 2010

Our House (We Hope!) in One Week

Our House

is a 1915 brick construction in an old neighborhood in Kansas City. The house is on a quiet street with a children’s park at the end of it. There is a running trail a block away that runs for miles along the old trolley track. It is 0.5 miles to Brookside village where there is a farmer’s market, restaurants, a grocery store, post office, coffee shop, laundry, florist, independent (children’s) bookstore, dime store and elementary school. From our front porch we can walk to the gorgeous Loose Park with its rose garden, playground, trees, and an old Civil War canon. We are within 10 minutes of our new parish, Our Lady of Good Counsel.

The house is full of old wood paneling. I usually don’t like wood paneling, but this is amazing. Totally unique. And the house is also filled with light, with huge windows all along the south face. The house is old—and feels old—but everything was renovated this year. I usually don’t like rehabs, but the previous owner kept all the important features intact. So I will enjoy the huge fireplace, hardwood floors, built in hutch, 1920s tile—while also enjoying a brand new kitchen with granite, new bathrooms and—wonder of wonders!—a walk in closet!

May God bless our new house, new baby, new life.


  1. IN LOVE with this house. Congratulations!

  2. a fabulous house. love the paneling, quite English. The exterior, and esp the porch, looks so much like my much loved grandmother's house. All it lacks is the 1930's glider--oh and the green awnings. Mazeltov (being optimistic)!

  3. Babette: I love the porch. I plan to sit there *all* the time. And a glider would be nice. Though I think I will skip the green awnings! ...come stay anytime...