Monday, August 16, 2010

Kansas Country

Last weekend TM, Inside Child and I met the parental-in-laws and our brother and sister-in-law at the family's place in Hesston, KS. Sister-in-law and I enjoyed being pregnant while floating in the pool (she's due in November), while the men attempted to play golf in the back pasture--despite the oppressive Kansas heat.

Though my ever-growing body is made even heavier and more unwieldy by said heat, I love it. Summer is glorious. The summer sounds and smells are different here--in the heat--on the prairie--than they are in Scotland. Next summer I will probably long for the sounds/smells of the Scottish summer (sea-gulls crying at dawn, the salt sea, the barley turning colors and the beech trees green), but now I am happy to be home. Cicadas loud, dry grass (its sound, its smell), the burr oak, the maple, the sycamore, the horse-apple.

Below I include picture of:
My Child
Strong City, KS
St Anthony Catholic Church
Iced Tea
Funny Sunhats
Mr. Mclewer's (who is dead) Abandoned Farm
John Deer Green
Retro Family Photos

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