Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whoa Baby! (The News is Out!!)

The day has arrived. I have put it off for far too long. I have sidled around the issue, ignored the computer, made excuses, fussed, etc. But the day has finally arrived. The blog, the blog readers, the Intra-web at large--they must be told.

Dear Readers, Thomas More and I would like to introduce Wee Winter:
**Cue: tears of joy!! high-pitched screams and exclamations!!!!! fainting spells!!! Hearty pats upon back....Etc.***

I am, for those of you who would like to know, currently 15 weeks pregnant with Wee Winter, who is not so wee as he/she/it once was, measuring about 4 inches long (from crown to bum), complete with all the essential parts and pieces, fingerprints--even eyebrows. The picture above is a at 13 weeks. He/she now looks a bit like this:

15 Weeks
A-May-Zing. We went in for our first ultrasound during week thirteen and watched little Ruprecht/Hildegaard jumping around like a...like a...well, actually, kind of like Mr. Bean:

Despite the relative hugeness of the Child (if you think 4 inches is small, think again! Four months ago this kid didn't even EXIST!!), and considering the wacky moves he/she is perfecting, I have yet to see or feel much confirmation of Babe's existence. Despite the MASSIVE amounts of food I have been consuming, I have gained a meager 2 pounds, which I shouldn't complain about, I guess. "It'll come, Love, it'll come!" say the wise matriarchs of Fife (smirking into their coffee mugs).

Here is a game for you (!!!). Spot the 15 weeks pregnant Bump! ("Oh No," you say, "not ANOTHER pregnant woman bearing her gut!" And I say, "oh yes!" with only minimal shame. Being pregnant makes you do weird things.) So here's the comparison:

5 Weeks Pregnant:
15 Weeks Pregnant:
Yes, yes? There is a bump?

But seriously, about this blog, and belly pictures, and links to baby-food sights, and "How to build your Own Midcentury modern dollhouse" etc etc. I don't really want this blog to become a "baby blog" or a "mommy blog." This is not my goal or intention. I considered omitting all reference to the pregnancy, but decided that such a stupid and arbitrary omission would be problematic at best. This coming event will, after all, ROCK MY WORLD in a way it has seldom (never!) been rocked before. There's a PERSON in my belly! How, pray tell, did THAT happen?? (yes, I know HOW...but isn't that just weird that doing that results in:

Ooops--I meant...THIS:

Yes. It is a miracle (one way or the other!). So I will be posting from time to time on pregnancy/baby related topics. I will probably gloat over my hugeness (and whine about it too). I might also rant a bit about healthcare in the US of A (and how I CAN'T GET STINKING INSURED!!!) and about baby names (a long-held obsession which I am now free to indulge) and even about strollers...ug, I know. (Remember: pregnancy makes you WEIRD. Who knew I would start having NIGHTMARES about strollers???).

But just so you won't all abandon ship here and now, I promise that the next post won't be baby-related at all. Any topic suggestions? I was thinking about delving into the world of Scotch Whisky (T.More, of course, will be doing all the drinking!!)


  1. We are THRILLED for your little, growing family! What a wonderful blessing!
    With love,
    Emily (for Scott and Elisabeth)

  2. It's funny, but yesterday when I read your blog, I got a feeling about this and you hadn't said a word. I'm so thrilled I literally have tears in my eyes.--Babette

  3. Congrats. You will have to swing by Reynolda House when you get back in the states for some really cute baby things. Hope you are doing well and school is not too stressful.

  4. Wee Winter is going to have the travel bug at Day One. Heck, he/she/it has already been to Scotland, for goodness' sake! So happy for you and keep your baby bump pics coming. :)

  5. Awww. Congrats! And posting about Whiskey is always welcome - or you could call the babe "wee whiskey winters". :)

  6. Yay! Congratulations once again on Wee Winter! However, the photographs of your flat tummy and nice nipped in waist make me want to keel you, you slim... you slim... well, you slim person you. But I won't for the sake of W.W.

  7. Re: Seraphic...don't worry. The slimness will disappear. Quickly. Very quickly if I keep making chocolate chip cookies, and muffins, and pudding, etc. etc.

  8. IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................