Monday, March 15, 2010

Joy is Friends and Candy Mountain!!!

Last week saw the (joyful) arrival and (sad) departure of our friends Jeff and Blake (pictured above), who came to see us all the way from the U.S. of A. Well, came to see us and the castles...and the mountains...and the *newly blooming snowdrops and winter aconite*. It was very wonderful to have these lovely men in our current place of abode, and I do hope that they enjoyed themselves. Though I was still wrestling with an annoyingly stubborn essay even into their visit, we all managed to have a wonderful time, sampling fine fish-and-chips establishments, sipping various tradition Scotch Whiskies, driving through the highlands, romping through glenns, eating in pubs, playing Euchre (hurray the Midwest), and (of course) watching youtube videos, the most important of which was this:

Watch and you will certainly be edified.

AND here is a selection of photos for your enjoyment!!

Sunset on the night O Arrival

Jeff photographs the Small Bacons at Cambo House near where we live.
Thomas More, Marley and Cambo House Garden

The grounds at Cambo House--Gorgeous!

See!!! Snowdrops and Winter Aconite!!!

The Cambo Vale which leads to the sea...

Blake, Jeff, and Sarah frolicking in Pitlochry on the way up to the Cairngorms.

Mary of Egypt and Jeff on the suspension bridge in Pitlochry. We should be fashion models, yes??The guys and the Glenwhinnie (spelling?) Distillery in the Cairngorms--the highest distillery in Britain. Very interesting!!
Outside the Distillery in the Cairgorms.

T.More and M.of Egypt on the still-frozen Loch Eileen and Castle!

What a Stellar picture of us....ALL of us. Wow.

Advertisement for Wellington Boots.

In the Cairngorms...

Our lovely B and B. Our room had a GORGEOUS view of the mountains...I did NOT want to go home! So clean, so wonderful--and HUGE breakfast every morning. Aaahh...


  1. If your intent was to strengthen us in our resolve to visit, or at least sharpen our anticipation, you've more than succeeded!

    Any chance of getting Sir T.M. to guest blog concerning the details of the distillery?

    Lovely pictures. I came across mention of snowdrop flowers in my reading this morning of Rosemary Sutcliff's _Sword at Sunset_, and wondered what one looked like. Now I know.