Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Don't Need No Professional Photographer

"We should hire a professional photographer," my husband said. We were perusing old family pictures and I was ooo-ing and ah-ing over an adorable picture of my maternal grandmother when she was about Harriet's age. (Precious, yes?)

"Professional photographer? Why do we need a professional photographer? I'm a good photographer!" I retorted. "Well, you know," he responded sheepishly, "a professional photographer would have a studio, the right lighting, you know...and a really good camera."
"We have a good camera!" I countered, "and I can put up a sheet and take a shot just like this--" I held up my grandma's photo. "I'll put that silver cross around Hattie's neck. It will be great."

The next day I proceeded to hang a sheet in the dining room and a necklace around Harriet. I plopped said babe down in front of said sheet and started shooting. "So far, so good," thought I.

Of course young Harriet is mobile now, so...

...she soon left the sheet behind.

Then she discovered the drawers in our china cabinet.

Then she discovered her necklace.

So I took the necklace away.


...she became very angry with her mother.

So much for that.

Any recommendations for [professional] photographers?

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  1. I am laughing out loud. We have had similar photo shoots, though not with a sheet. I have a good picture of Ezra grabbing the camera that I need to post. It illustrates why I have not been taking funny themed costumed photos of him.