Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Winter, 28 Weeks

Today TM and I went into Edinburgh to get a 3d-4d ultrasound. Baby Winter was relatively reluctant to show her face, though we were able to get these short video shots:

Stay tuned--I will post the still images when I receive them in the mail!


  1. My great-great-niece. Pretty...great!--Babette

  2. ohmigoodness! That's amazing. Paloma Jane is so cute! ack! Is she telling the ultrasound tech to talk to the hand?
    Are 3d-4d ultrasounds standard in the UK? Insurance does not help pay for them here, and I hear they are very expensive. I think the 20ish week ultrasound is the last we get.

    *note to other readers: I just like to call the baby Paloma Jane. I don't think that is actually her no one get excited, thinking I have some kind of insider info.

  3. is pretty great! There is a small person in my tummy!

    A--3d-4d is not standard here and not covered by the NHS. But my dad thought that they were really cool, (and so did we) so we thought we'd go on and get one just for kicks. It actually wasn't super-super expensive--and it was even cheaper for us because the tech felt bad that *our* baby didn't show her face for very long and gave us a discount! Do you have 20 week scan pictures of yours?

  4. aha, that makes sense!

    No 20 week pictures yet. We do have a pretty good profile from 13 weeks I can email you!

    We are 18 weeks some days now. (Gee, I hope I've told anyone who reads your blog and knows me. If not: hi! we're having a baby! Sorry I've been not-so-great at spreading the news!)

    We could get the big ultrasound next week, which would be nice. I'd like to be able to confirm to folks at 4th of July that the babe is OK and an adorable little alien. But I am switching doctors, so I might need to wait so the ultrasound people will send the results to the right place.

    Our indulgence has been an at-home doppler fetal heartrate monitor -- they used to cost hundreds of dollars but now one can get one for 50 bucks. After all the troubles, I am a little paranoid, so it is nice to confirm periodically that Pavo* is alive and still has a heartrate like a lil' train engine.


    *Pavo= in utero name. "turkey" in Spanish. We were calling the baby "the turkey" because of its Thanksgiving-ish due date, but it is, admittedly, not the most endearing nickname. Pavo (sometimes Pavita) works better.

  5. A-- 18 weeks! Wow, how time flies... You should start feeling small dance moves soon, which has made me alot less nervous. We did not get a doppler, though we talked about it. Devin did try the cheap at-home version (i.e. putting a glass on my belly and sticking his ear to heartbeat heard except his own, of course.) It is nice to know that things are alright! even if it means a sharp kick in the ribs.