Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Winter at 20 Weeks

Hurrah! I have reached the half-way point in my pregnancy with health/happiness/sanity still intact--as well as a remnant of a waste-line (for now!). Baby Winter is thriving! I am certain of movement now--usually later in the day when I am reading. T.M. even felt a kick the other night while we enjoyed the first episode of Britain's Got Talent...Maybe Baby's Got Talent too? ...we hope something a bit more edifying that extreme belching or timbrel playing.

We had our 20 week scan this week and we are pleased to announce that Baby Winter is A GIRL!!! We are "over the moon," as one says... However, Girl Baby throws a wrench into the naming game. We have had a boy name picked out for three years, but despite my baby name *obsession* we haven't found a girl's name that approaches anything near perfect. I grow more apprehensive every day, fearing to give birth to Nameless Baby. (More on Naming in a Future Post!)

Here is the latest photo of Nameless Winter. You can see her profile--nose, lips, chin tucked into her chest--but you must stare for a bit to figure things out:

Here is another picture of a twenty-week inside-baby:
From what I can tell, Girl Winter weighs about 8-10 oz and is about 6-8 inches long (head to rump). My belly is finally beginning to become round and I am now putting on weight (no wonder since I eat *all* the time). Unfortunately, I still don't look pregnant as I waltz through St Andrews with my clothes on...perhaps a bit thicker and clunkier, but nothing a diet of fish and chips couldn't accomplish in 20 weeks. I look forward to looking seriously pregnant. AND I look forward to looking slender again some day AFTER baby comes. (Fingers crossed!!) Here is my 20 week shot:
And here compared to my waif-like thinness at 9 weeks:

This is all the important Child News for today! Stay tuned for the Baby Names Post!!!

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