Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back to the Blog

Apologies, apologies, apologies. I have committed the ultimate blog sin, I know. My readership! My readership! I have responsibilities to my readership! And so on. I know you are all forgiving. That I do not need to explain my various reasons for not blogging for *a whole month*. But for the peace of my own blog-soul I will list reasons in no particular order:

1. My computer stopped working.
2. THEN I went back to ye olde Winston-Salem to visit Thomas More who DISTRACTED ME!
3. THEN I brought home another non-broken computer that WOULDN'T CONNECT TO MY BRITISH INTERNET.
4. Then I had an essay (and it was sortof like having a disease...)
5. Then I had writer's block (i.e. Very Bad for Creative Writing degrees as well as blogging...)
6. Then I had 1,000 brilliant ideas for blog posts but got overwhelmed with their sheer number and my own inchoate genius and the fact that all my ideas were in note-form and not in complete sentences and how in the world was I going to do my own genius justice and when was I going to find enough time to write all this stuff and when was I going to write poetry too....AAAAAH.

So--the genius posts will have to wait. I'm starting small right now and I will probably be posting alot of pictures because they don't require me to use up my creative genius (which should be used for poetry at this point in time...). But that's okay, because everyone likes pictures. At least I do.

Thank you for reading my blather, I love you all.

Now I needs must go
to stir the lamb-shank ragu,
and write a sonnet or two...
or maybe only
a haiku.


  1. I'm glad you're back!!!
    And a happy belated birthday! I hope it was the joyous occasion that your birth deserves!
    Miss you!


  2. love the boots and the Winter family reunited! (Brandy)