Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trip to Charlotte

Thomas More and I took a lovely day-trip to Charlotte, NC with our friend whom we shall call "Chris Talks." (I would use his confirmation name--he was confirmed with TM and Myself--but as it is "Mary" I will avoid gender ambiguity.) As I have already said, it was a lovely day-trip, with much edifying conversation about Catholic Things (i.e. St. John of the Cross or Thomas a Kempis?), at least until I drank 1.3 glasses of wine at dinner, at which point I became tipsy and decided that I had "opinions" about "Things." Our poor waiter overheard some of my "opinions" and decided that I was dissing Catholics. "What's wrong with Catholics?" he asked. I looked at him blankly...  "umm...Nothing! I love Catholics! I am a Catholic!"
Of course there are plenty of things "wrong" with Catholics...especially me. God be gracious to all us Pompous Papists. His mercy be on our sinful souls!

Here are some pics:

Thomas More

                                                               Chris Talks (or "Mary"!)                                    

                                                                  Mary of Egypt (Me!)




We found this picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on a wall (???). Chris Talks said a brief prayer. Sacred Heart of Jesus--be our heart!


  1. Your readers are impressed by what seems to them the proliferate pace of your blogging. An inspiring (or shaming?) example to the rest of us.

    I'm glad you waited until after your food had arrived to accidentally get your waiter's dander up.

    And why can't Protestants spot theophanic images?

  2. I object to being referred to as "Chris Talks" only on the grounds that you who are preparing to attend a university across the pond for creative writing could surely do better than that. In my own autobiographical fiction from yon days gone by, I gave myself the name Andy Chafiet de Theta - much how Jack Kerouac styled himself Frank Duluoz, but I digress as this character will not be making many more appearances in this blog.